Why invest in Zhoda Investments?

Gain access to investments in unlisted European ventures

  • Entrepreneurial approach to drive growth and profitability through active ownership and extensive network
  • Investment is not a new business for us
  • Annual average IRR target exceeding 20%


20 year license extension has been granted for Lelyaki

  • New Western management of Lelyaki partner is a catalyst for operational efficiency
  • New proven sales channel will significantly accelerate collection of receivables


Current valuation suffers from market sentiment

  • Market cap SEK 33 million (at SEK 0.25 per share)
  • EBIT 2017 = SEK 14 million
  • Lelyaki has historical 330 barrels per day and 2P proven + probable 8 million barrels of oil net to Zhoda


The balance sheet offers downside protection


Board and management are committed and financially motivated to create success

  • The shareholder structure has been consolidated and the Board of Directors and Management hold slightly less than 50 per cent of the capital


A new trading platform will increase liquidity in the share