Executive Management

  • Robert Karlsson CEO Zhoda Investments
    • Holding: 6,680,207 B shares
    • Active in the Group since: 2009

    Robert Karlsson, born in 1970, has vast experience within business, finance and company management. He has been active in Russia and other former Soviet republics for ten years. He was previously CEO of the stock-exchanged listed company Petrosibir and CFO of the NASDAQ OMX listed IT consultancy firm Mandator, where he was also in charge of the company’s financial communications. He has also worked as investment manager in Moscow for the listed investment company ORESA Ventures. Before that he spent four years with KPMG, including two years in St. Petersburg.

    Robert Karlsson holds a Master of Science in Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics.

  • Zenon Potoczny President Shelton Canada Corp and Board Director Zhoda Investments
    • Holdings: 11,793,113 B shares
    • Active in the Group since: 1996

    Zenon Potoczny, born 1957 and raised in Ukraine, has extensive experience both in the oil and gas industry and working internationally. Mr. Potoczny served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Shelton Canada Corp. since the company’s listing on the TSX Venture Exchange in 1996. Mr. Potoczny serves as president of Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce.

    Mr. Potoczny holds an MSc in Engineering and an MBA from the University of Toronto.