Why invest in Zhoda Investments?

Gain access to investments in unlisted European ventures

  • Entrepreneurial approach to drive growth and profitability through active ownership and extensive network
  • Solid track record in investments on dynamic markets
  • Annual average IRR target exceeding 20%


Zhoda invests to become Dalmatia’s leading organic producer of premium wines

  • Vision to reach 1 million bottles per year
  • Owns two wineries focusing on local grapes
  • 50 hectare organic vineyard
  • Dalmatia’s leading wine makers
  • Access to debt finance and investment subsidies through EU programs


20 year license extension has been granted for Lelyaki

  • 8 million barrels of proven and probable oil reserves
  • Mature field with low geological risk
  • Low production costs ensure profitability even if oil prices are low


Board and management have substantial ownership in the company

  • The shareholder structure has been consolidated and the Board of Directors and Management hold slightly less than 50 per cent of the capital