Wine operations

Zhoda owns and manages two wineries. Testament Winery has an organic vineyard mainly producing red premium wines from the local Babic grape. The vineyard covers 47 hectares and is located on limestone hills sloping down towards the Adriatic Sea.


Black Island Winery holds a winery with land, buildings and equipment that previously belonged to a Yugoslav co-op. The winery is located on Korcula, one of the main islands outside Split/Dubrovnik. The building is located in the village of Smokvica, where the popular white wine grape pošip was discovered almost 200 years ago. Owning a winery in the heart of pošip country creates excellent opportunities for creating a unique brand.

The operations in Šibenik and Smokvica complement each other well from a product point of view and provide great synergies within marketing/sales as well as production expertise.

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