Organic winery in Sibenik

Geography: On the coast of Dalmatia, 50 km from Split, outside Šibenik that belonged to the Republic of Venice during the 15th century
History: Vineyard planted in 2007-2011 with the business objective of selling grapes to other winemakers. A basic winery was built three years ago and upgraded in 2017. Zhoda acquired the vineyard in for a total of SEK 9 million.
Vineyard: 50 hectares with 250 000 plants
Grapes: Mainly the red wine grape Babic, but also Plavac Mali, Posip, Debit and Marstina
Olive grove: 28 hectares with 6,000 trees
Grape production: Average of over 200 tons per year
Capacity in the winery: Average production of over 200 000 bottles per year
Sales: The former owner’s business model was to grow and sell grapes. In 2017, Zhoda vinified the whole harvest in the upgraded winery. No wine is any longer sold as bulk wine. All wine is sold under the brand Testament
Chief enologist: Juraj Sladic

UNESCO town of Sibenik architecture and coastline, Dalmatia, Croatia