Dalmatia’s two thousand year old wine tradition

Man has produced and enjoyed wine in Dalmatia for 2,000 years.

Amphora from ship wreck

The traces of this history can be found all around Zhoda’s vineyard. One of the world’s largest collections of amphorae, used for storage and transportation of wine, was found in the sea outside Sibenik.


Faust Vrancic was a bishop and scientist from Sibenik who in the 16th century documented his revolutionary inventions, among them a wine press based on new technology, in a book called Machinae Novae.

Ancient antifacts from the Roman city of Kourian in Cyprus

Archeologists have also found ruins of hypocausts just outside the vineyard. They were sophisticated subsurface heating systems created by the Romans to mature grapes.

Zhoda is now combining these testaments of revolutionary technologies of the past and Dalmatia’s two thousand year old wine tradition with a modern winery, ecological vineyard, breathtaking views and Dalmatia’s leading winemakers. That is why we call our wine Testament. The wine is a “Testament to the rich wine growing past.”