Testament wines


Testament Babic

The red Testament wine is produced from Babic grapes, an indigenous Dalmatian variety grown on the jagged hills sloping down towards the Adriatic Sea. The dry and harsh limestone beds on the barren hillsides are essential for the grapes to develop its superb balance between sugar and fresh acidity. Its origin has been traced to the UNESCO protected village Primošten, located only a few kilometers from the Testament vineyard. Slow ripening is key, and all grapes are grown and handpicked in our own 100% organic vineyard.

The result is a wine with a deep dark color and complex aromas of ripe red fruit, dark chocolate and spices. The taste is rich with lively acids and a vigorous structure. Serve at 16°C paired with aged cheese, any dark meat dish or Dalmatian prosciutto. Testament is constantly develop its product portfolio and in 2017 it made its first rosé wine from the Babic grape – Testament Opolo.

Testament Pošip

The white Testament wine is produced from the Pošip grape exclusively grown on the Dalmatian coast. It is a well-respected indigenous variety and a true favorite during the warm Croatian summers, both for local Dalmatians and the rapidly expanding number of international visitors enjoying the exquisite local cuisine. The grapes are picked relatively early giving a nice freshness and a specific character always reflecting the native terroir. The Testament Pošip is 100% organic. The grape was discovered by chance on the island of Korcula in the middle of the 19th century and has since then developed into a Dalmatian classic.

The Testament Pošip is a full-bodied white wine with intense aroma and a complex flavor of citrus, dried apricots and karst herbs. Its acidity gives a refreshing green crisp. Served at 14°C it is best enjoyed with fish and shellfish dishes, so prevalent on the Dalmatian coast.

Our wines are a testament to the rich wine growing past.

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