Winery i Smokvica

Geography: On Korcula, one of the main islands outside Dubrovnik/Split on the Dalmatian coast 50 km from Split. The birthplace of Marco Polo in 1254.
History: Zhoda acquired a shut-in winery with land, buildings and equipment at an auction in 2018 for SEK 3.5 million. It was previously a Yugoslav co-op where local grape farmers under a multitude of brands produced as many as 3 million bottles per year
Vineyard: Zhoda owns no vineyard in Smokvica. Local grape farmers produce around 1,000 tons of Posip per year
Grapes: The Posip grape, discovered by a local farmer in Smokvica 200 years ago, will be the primary grape for wine production
Capacity in the winery: The equipment acquired together with the land and building has a tank capacity of almost 1,000,000 bottles per year
Sales: All wine will be sold under our own brand Testament and no wine will be sold as bulk wine
Chief Enologist: Igor Radovanovic